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On board their family’s boat, the S.S. Suzanne, eight-year-old Muslim American Roxy and her five-year-old brother Yacoob sail into the past on fantastical, educational journeys.  With the help of their parents and the many friends they meet along the way, the siblings learn about some of history’s most consequential Muslims – men and women whose inventions and contributions have helped to shape the modern world.  Here at Big Dreams Press, it is our hope that Roxy and Yacoob’s escapades shed light on the scientific and social advancements made possible by the Islamic Civilization while also encouraging a greater appreciation for our Muslim American friends and neighbors.

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Roxy and Yacoob are a sister-and-brother team of time-traveling detectives who work together to solve some of history’s toughest cases. Their adventures are sure to ignite a love of history and adventure in all readers.

Can Roxy and Yacoob crack the Case of the Upside-Down Map? They must travel over a thousand years into the past to meet with the famous geographer Al-Idrisi, who insisted that the world was round five hundred years before Christopher Columbus did and produced a map so accurate that it was used for almost eight hundred years.  There is just one topsy-turvy problem, however – Al-Idrisi’s map is upside down! Join Roxy and Yacoob on their adventure to solve the mystery of how Al-Idrisi could possibly have made such a big mistake!

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The Time-Traveling Adventures of Roxy and Yacoob: The Mystery of the Misnamed University

The next stop for Roxy and Yacoob is Fez, Morocco, home of the world’s first university.  This brother-and-sister team know that sometimes schools are named after the city that they are located in, but this university was accidentally named after a city over one thousand miles away! They must go back to the year 859 to find Fatima, the school’s founder, and work with her to solve the Mystery of the Misnamed University!

Our Story

Big Dreams Press was born out of a desire to foster children’s innate sense of wonder through meaningful products that educate while entertaining.

Author and Big Dreams Press founder Rabea Chaudhry lives in the Bay Area.  She is a recovering attorney, an aspiring artist and a history aficionado. The Time-Traveling Adventures of Roxy and Yacoob series is her first foray into children’s literature.

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